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How to use

Payment for use of the toilet is carried out from the ticket "Wallet" card "TROIKA" or via service “Mobile ticket” in the app. To increase the balance of the ticket "Wallet" card "TROIKA" you can in the ticket offices metro. Price for one visit is indicated on the monitor. Toilet ready for use when on the monitor the message "VACANT". When the monitor message "BUSY" the entrance to the toilet is impossible, please wait.

Order of action:

  1. Apply a "TROIKA" card to the yellow reader on the monitor and hold until the payment.
  2. After payment, the message on the monitor "WELCOME", open the door and enter.
  3. The entrance is only one, the child is accompanied by parents.

OPEN 7 am – 11 pm, every day.

Have a nice visit!

Customer Service and Support

+7 (495) 181-3505

Suggestions and remarks on the work of the service

Toilets in the Moscow metro

About service

Integration of toilets with unique engineering systems and structures of the centuries-old history of the Moscow Metro, the embodiment of many years of work, development, design and interaction with city services — all this for the convenience of passengers.

Creative approach

Design of the WC is integrated in lobby of historic and modern stations.

Right Place

Right place

Location of the WC is shown on the webpage and in the mobile site.

What Is In Common?

What is in common?

All the toilet modules are marked with symbol “WC” and entry light (green/red).

Unique Design

Unique design

Every WC is styled to be in line with unique interior of the station.

Convenient solution

You can use the service by paying with “Troika” card ticket “Wallet” or via service “Mobile ticket” in the app.

“Mobile Ticket”

“Mobile ticket”

Convenient to pay with the “Mobile ticket” service. Details at your telecommunications operator.



You can now use the “Troika” card ticket “Wallet” not only for entrance to Tretyakov Gallery and Moscow Planetarium.



We examine everything new with precise attention and then it becomes common.

Comfortable and safe

All toilets are equipped with comfort and safety systems.

Everything At It’s Place

Everything at it’s place

The right atmosphere is provided by functional interior and correct lighting.



Active filtration and aromatization of the air, regular cleaning.



If you forgot something in the WC, the system will inform you.

Everything you need

Full set of required functions is provided.



You will get information on colorful stickers.



Just one click. Blue color: you get liquid soap and water on your hands.



Red color: warm air will dry your hands.
To exit from the toilet, press the button to the left of the door.

Have a nice visit!

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